Aon Seeks No Poaching Injunction Against Alliant in Insurance Brokerage Brouhaha

Aon and Alliant are both powerhouse insurance brokerage firms and they are engaged in a cross-country legal skirmish focused on mass employee departures and lost (and found) customer relationships. According to Aon, three years ago, senior Aon executive Peter Arkley and over 50 Aon employees were involved in an en masse departure to Alliant, which generated massive litigation that ended in a June 2013 settlement. But Aon now claims that Alliant went right back to the poaching well after settling and in new litigation pending in New York alleges that Alliant in late February poached another 75 employees in another mass exodus and that the employees took confidential data and customer relationships with them.

On March 6th, a New York state court judge issued a TRO that prohibited Alliant from soliciting any other Alliant employees or initiating business with former Aon customers who did business with the former Aon employees now at Alliant. Law360’s Stewart Bishop is reporting that arguments were had on Friday, March 28th on the preliminary injunction phase of that lawsuit and in which Aon was arguing for an extension of the TRO. Alliant appears to be contesting the jurisdiction of the New York court to rule in the matter, arguing that all of the employees and customer relationships at issue exist in California and the competition to be restrained will occur in California exclusively. There is pending California litigation regarding the same issues.

We’ll keep an eye on this one for you and report back when the New York court’s ruling on the preliminary injunction is issued.